About us


The American Catholic Church (1894 – c. 1895) started as an independent confederation of congregations, which individually separated from the Roman Catholic Church. It was founded by Anton Francis Kołaszewski and Alfons Mieczysław Chrostowski in the United States.


The first convention of the American Catholic Church (ACC1894) appointed Joseph René Vilatte as its ecclesiastical head. The State of Illinois Charter for the American Catholic Church obtained by Abp. Vilatte, dated 13 July 1915, is now in the control of our Archbishop Robert Mary Clement in Los Angeles California. These positions form the Original Mission Statement of the American Catholic Church and we continue this tradition by reiterating that we are: * a council of churches open to all persons having their residence in this country, whatever may be their nationality; * united in the fidelity to the true faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, who is the sole Head of the Universal Church and our High Priest; * imbued with the American Spirit of democracy and liberty; * a branch or section of the true (Christian) Catholic Church of God, with its own Synod and Conference of Bishops.


In addition, we support the ordination of both men and women, married or unmarried, to the Diaconate and Holy Priesthood, regardless of sexual orientation, and marriage equality for same-sex couples.